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YES! We finally opened our website store.
In store you can buy some upgrades, tokens and ranks

Our community

We love our community of Minecraft gamer.
Thats why we looking for the best minigames and server members

Server Member

Best selected member

As you know we have server members. They helping new players to be the best player.
They help you If you dont know how make a thing.

10 Best minigames

Fun minigames

Our best minigames are
MSurv (Magic Survival), SkyBlock, SkyWars, Gravity, Events, GunGame and others.

Server ping and RAM

Best ping for playing

Our server ping is around 25 ms.
RAM is 2GB on all bungee servers.
Yes, It is small, but it's too good.
If you have issues, then go to visit our support discord server (