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About Us

Article about US

Our server was only for Czech or Slovak gamers, but We wanted to have English CzechoSlovak server that means to have an English language for Czech, Slovak and other gamers from other country.

After exporting new language to our plugins. I made this website, but who I' am. My name is Adam "GIGAADAM". I'm Web Developer and second owner of PlayLand.

Our support team was bigger and bigger from only 3 member (Foxo, GIGAADAM and Genius14) is now 10 best members.

  1. ADMIN TEAM - Is a team of best and main member of PlayLand:
    Foxo - Main Owner
    GIGAADAM - Second Helping Owner
    Genius14 - 
  2. SUPPORT TEAM - This team is the biggest team of server teams:
    and Old
  3. SERVER VISITORS - This team is all gamers and players. We love THEM, we love YOU!
    Thats all of our article